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Question about antispam service on TZ670


We have a mailserver who is Zimbra (we don't use Microsoft Exchange). So I think we can't install the Junk Store.

In "Email Threat Categories", I configured all the categories with the actions "Tag".

I would like to be sure if all my users will receive all emails (with a tag if needed) and no emails will be dropped by anti spam.

When I test and enable service anti-spam, I don't understand everything...

I see 4 Junk Messages but in Threat Statisitics, only 1 Definite Spam. Where are others messages ?

In the monitor, I find messages like this in the System Logs.

Why this message are blocked ?



Category: Entry Level Firewalls


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    Kavya_LBKavya_LB SonicWall Employee

    Hi @Fabrice87,

    If Zimbra server is allowing incoming connections on port 25 you can install the junk store.

    In threat analytics screenshot, 1 email was caught as definite spam which you can see in the junk box if it's set to store in junk box, 1 connections is caught by TCP Cookie validation and the other 2 by GRID network (IP reputation database) these 2 checks happens at the connection level hence that won't be stored in the junkbox.

    Regarding "Message blocked by Real-Time E-mail Scanner", the emails that are blocked by real time Email Scanner are blocked by Ip reputation. These are not in the junkbox as they are blocked by IP before they make the connection.



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