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NSa 2650 to TZ670

Hi. I am upgrading from a NSa 2650 to a TZ670 via a SONICWALL TZ670 SECURE UPGRADE PLUS - ESSENTIAL EDITION 3YR.

I understand I need to and plan to reconfigure the TZ670 from scratch. I did this from a 2600 to a 2650 by using a computer with two ethernet ports and connected to both 2600 and 2650 at the same time and had the screens side by side. I logged into the 2600 via the LAN (was the live device) and connected to the 2650 via the MGMT port. I plan on doing the same with the 2650 and 670. However, the 670 does not have a dedicated MGMT port so I am assuming I just plug into the X0 LAN and start configuring from there.

Initially I will connect the the 670 WAN to another port on my ISP Router and then the computer to the 670 LAN. Both the 2650 and the 670 will be connect to the Internet.

Some questions

  1. When I first setup the 670, do I need to register it to start setting it up? I assume I do so I can download the latest software.
  2. Does the 3 years for the services start when I register the 670 or after I transfer the 2650 services?  Right now my 2650 expires July 15, 2021.  So will my new device expire 7/15/2024 or is the 3 years form when I register? 
  3. I plan on starting to setup the 670 tomorrow so if it is from when I register, that is around a 45 day difference. I plan on taking my time, so it may take 30 days before I take the 2650 offline and go live with the 670.
  4. Also, on the TZ670, are there trials I should apply for the services so I get another month?  



Category: Entry Level Firewalls


  • Hello @Rinconmike,

    When you purchase a new device with a secure upgrade program, once you register the new device on mysonicwall, you get two options register and transfer or register only. If you select register only, you would get 60 days where the licenses stay activated on both platforms. 

    So, I would suggest using the register option and test the TZ 670 with all feature licenses applied.


    Shipra Sahu

    Technical Support Advisor, Premier Services

  • RinconmikeRinconmike Newbie ✭

    Thanks. That is what I will do - Just register for now. Do you know if I can set one of the other ports on the 670 as a MGMT Port under the the interface settings?

    On the TZ670 I see the ports are:

    X0 LAN

    X1 WAN

    X2 WAN

    X3 RJ45 Port

    X4/X5/X6/X7 RJ45 Ports

    Can i set X3, X4, X5, X6, or X7 as a MGMT Port?

  • @Rinconmike,

    Unfortunately, the TZ devices do not have dedicated MGMT ports. But you can certainly configure one of the free interfaces in the LAN zone with a specific subnet and use that for management purposes.


    Shipra Sahu

    Technical Support Advisor, Premier Services

  • RinconmikeRinconmike Newbie ✭

    I have another question. I started the setup using the local method and connecting to However, I could not register once in locally and had to register online by going to mysonicwall account and entered the TZ670 serial and auth code. Possibly because as manaully assigned an IP address to my computer and the DNS was not correct. When registering, I did have to select my 2650 as a sonicwall replacement. It did not ask me to transfer services yet, but I see that under the "To Do List" on mysonicwall.

    Registering from the local

    When I did the local setup, it came up with the below screen show. I only go through 1.

    How do I find the other guides?

  • @Rinconmike,

    The others are optional guides. You can search for the KB articles on specific features that you want to configure.


    Shipra Sahu

    Technical Support Advisor, Premier Services

  • RinconmikeRinconmike Newbie ✭

    Thanks. I went through he list of KB articles.

    I am curious what the guide recommends for the Setup LAN IP Range. I already set up an IP Range manually, but curious why the guide does not show up. I do see wizards for Public Servicer Guide, VPN Guide, and SDWAN Guide, but noting on the LAN Guide. Maybe there is no guide for the LAN IP range on the TZ670.

    Also, when I did the initial setup a couple of odd things.

    1. I did not have to do anything to configure the WAN. It automatically pulled the WAN IP Address. I recall on the 2650 I had to select something.
    2. I did not get prompted to change the time zone. When looking at the logs, I saw the time was off and then went in and manually change the time zone.
    3. I did change my password when the screen came up, but the password change did not take. I realized when I logged out and went to log back in and had to use the default password.
    4. Auto firmware update was enabled by default. I turned it off.

    The firmware that came with it out of the box was Version 7.0.0-R416. I did update to Current Firmware Version 7.0.1-R1262.

    I did not do a factory reset after updating to the current firmware. Would there be any advantage to do that? I already starting configure to include adding around 45 static IP addresses so far so would lose that if I reset now.

    I found this article and page 21 shows a similar screen with the LAN IP Range guide. Page 26 does not.

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