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High Availability on Verizon FiOS

OracleOracle Newbie ✭
edited March 2022 in Entry Level Firewalls

I have a Verizon FiOS connection, and no router. I own two TZ400W, and I want them to work in HA mode. The problem is that the Verizon FiOS ONT box will not give public IP addresses to two routers, only one. So when I try to plug in the second TZ400W, one of them will have an IP address, and the other will get nothing. Is there a way for me to make it work?

NOTE: I noticed that the HA configuration has a checkbox that says "Enable virtual MAC", but I'm afraid this will have an effect on both directions (LAN and WAN), and that 'll probably mean that the switch on the LAN side will have to know how to handle this situation. Can someone shine a light here for me, please?

Category: Entry Level Firewalls


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