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Netextender disconnection/reconnection loops

MiMarMiMar Newbie ✭

We have been struggling for the last several weeks with Netextender issues and our Sonicwall SMA virtual appliance. Netextender drops its connection and starts a connection/disconnection loop until the computer is rebooted. The issue may not return for a week, or could return within the hour. We are seeing RasClient error 829 in the event logs which points to a timeout issue (timeout set for 8 hours) or network issues. This is happening with numerous staff with a wide variety of ISP's, and both on home wireless and connected directly. Our office ISP performance is solid. Currently running version and Netextender version 10.2.309. Uninstalling NE, deleting the SW folders, does not fix the issue, nor does delting the WAN miniport drivers. Is anyone else seeing similar issues with Netextender? Sonicwall support has not been responsive on this issue.

Category: VPN Client


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    TKWITSTKWITS Community Legend ✭✭✭✭✭

    Have you tried earlier versions of NetExtender? Anything greater than 8.6.266 is fine for Windows 10.

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    KYU_SPKYU_SP Newbie ✭

    Long time passed, but did you find a solution for this? we have this now since 3-4 months. Some user sporadically runs in to this loop.

    I had created a ticket, but the answer was to check the connection. we didn't find out any thing.

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