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Global Whitelist in Capture Client 3.6

Hello all, newb to Capture Client 3.6 and I've been searching everywhere but cannot seem to locate the global whitelist in the new Capture Client 3.6 portal. Sure I can still view the blocked web activity and on a blocked website entry to the far right, there is still the option to whitelist the website and that's still working, thankfully but where can I see the full list of websites that we've globally whitelisted because they're needed for all business groups? IMHO, the UI for Capture Client 3.6 is really not user friendly. I was able to manage things really well in 3.1.5. This 3.6 stuff isn't very intuitive.

Category: Capture Security Center


  • I can not get the add website to whitelist option to work. tried all 3 browsers. when i click it, it does nothing. i have a support ticket open but it takes forever to get them to message me back. i cant get anything whitelisted in the capture client manger.

  • KeyserSözeKeyserSöze Newbie ✭

    Reviving an old post and the current client is 3.7.2 but clicking the "Add to whitelist" icon under the Web Activity tab was doing nothing and I came here to find an answer that didn't exist. I did find the whitelist options though so if anyone else is having trouble finding them, they are under the Policies/Web Content Filtering. Click "Manage advanced settings" in the top, right corner. From there you can manage whitelist/blacklist options as well as view and edit current entries.

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