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What can an unlicensed tz350 do and not do? Does it need a license for the Firewall , VPN, etc?

Can it still receive firmware updates? Remote management via ssh or https? Is there a limited number of local users?

Without a license is it honestly any better for a small business of ~15 total users (10 vpn connections) than a $100 other brand router/gateway/firewall?

Category: Entry Level Firewalls

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    shiprasahu93shiprasahu93 Moderator
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    Hello @dirtty,

    Welcome to the SonicWall community.

    With hardware and software updates available for the TZ 350, you should be able to get firmware updates.

    Remote HTTPS and SSH management are not license-dependent.

    Without a license, SonicWALL cannot perform security checks or take Application/website-based decisions. It will only act like a normal router. Every device has a certain number of site-to-site VPN that they support which are not license-dependent.

    Also, if you are looking for a client-based VPN like GVC or SSLVPN, then those do need a license.


    Shipra Sahu

    Technical Support Advisor, Premier Services

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