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Your session has expired immediately on login

blanningblanning Newbie ✭

I have a TZ270 on latest firmware that has a basic config. Despite comparing to several others without this problem and not seeing any differences I get the following error when logging into the SSLVPN - "Your session has expired. Please log-in again to continue." Needless to say logging in again does not resolve this. Neither does a reboot. I have fiddled with dozens of settings and cannot get this to stop. Has anyone else seen this kind of behavior?

Category: SSL VPN

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    prestonpreston Enthusiast ✭✭
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    Hi @blanning, no problem, glad to help, make sure you click on the Helpful and Like option on my reply and then others will come across it more easily.


  • prestonpreston Enthusiast ✭✭

    Hi @blanning , this will happen if the User logging in to the SSL VPN portal is also added to the SonicWall Administrators Group, you can login using NetExtender but via the Virtual Office page it will log you straight back out again.

    If you are wanting to set up the ToTp then take the user out of the SonicWall Administrators group first, login , scan the QR code, login then logout, then you can re-assign the user to the Administrator group.

  • blanningblanning Newbie ✭

    @preston, you are the best! I have googled and tinkered on this for a week or so now as I have had time and was beginning to fear that I had overlooked something significant. Sadly the error that is thrown and the associated logs give no indication that this is what is happening. Thanks a ton and hopefully others who have this issue find this answer here.

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