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AOV Configuartion on SMAV500

The_Other_GuyThe_Other_Guy Newbie ✭
edited May 2021 in VPN Client

Good Day to you all.

I have a question about the AOV feature on the SMAv500. I tried to configure it with a LocalUser Domain on the SMA. Is AOV possible with only LocalUsers? Since the option is in the GUI I thought it would work but I can´t get it to work no matter what i tried.

Created a new Domain with LocalUserDatabase. Enable AOV as well as disabled the option for users disconnect.

Created a new group which gets the AOV Settings from the Domain. At last I created a new Users in said group.

I can connect with the new User via VPN but the AOV features are not working. In the Clients Status Page I can even see the AoV feature as not aviable for the connected client.

Thanks for the help.

Category: VPN Client


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    Are you trying to connect to VPN from trusted network ? is Secure Network Detection turned on ?

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    Where can i find the settings for Secure Network Detection?

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    BWCBWC Cybersecurity Overlord ✭✭✭

    @The_Other_Guy the SND can be configured in your Domain Settings, AoV has to be activated on that level and the option "Don't connect VPN in Trusted Network" has to be filled with the Secure Hosts to look for.

    This setting is new in, I would have to check how it got accomplished in an earlier release.


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    Already figured it out myself. AOV was not avaliable until I reinstalled the NetExtender with the .msi installation. Not the .exe file.

    Also went for the configuration with active directory and digital certificate as authentication mode.

    No everything seems to work as intended.

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