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NSA 2700 WAN connectivity drops

I just configured new appliances in my enterprise network, we are in 2 locations, first location we have 2 NSA2700 in HA and on the other location we have a TZ370.

On the 2700 we have PPPOE WAN link (1GBPS) and on the 370 its a 100/100 fibre link, both connected throught Site to Site VPN.

The problem that we are experiencing is that it seems that the WAN link on the 2700 is dropping frequently, it affect our ERP connection on the second site. It last only for couple of seconds but enough to be a pain...

I've configured a lot of things (Access rules for VPN zone excluding security services, Bandwidth priority to our VPN connection, etc.) but it's still the same and it makes me crazy,

Anybody can help?

Category: Mid Range Firewalls


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