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Mobile Connect Client does not prompt for username and password on Win 10

It seems the Mobile Connect Client no longer prompts for username and password on Windows 10. It doesn't even allow you to enter one. The fields are grayed out in the VPN settings. From logs it seems like it is defaulting to the logged on user's credentials which will not work if the user is not logged into a domain joined machine (like a home or personal machine).

Any ideas?

Category: Secure Mobile Access Appliances


  • SonicAdmin80SonicAdmin80 Enthusiast ✭✭

    @dspjones, Mobile Connect on Windows is EOL:

    NetExtender and Connect Tunnel are the supported clients. Mobile Connect still worked for me when connecting to a Gen 6 firewall a while back, but connecting to SMA 100 series gave problems so I moved to NetExtender. Some recent update for Windows might have broken it completely.

  • dspjonesdspjones Newbie ✭

    I have an SMA 1000 series device but I did see after posting that the "modern" connect tunnel client is the new thing. Well, it doesn't work either. Several users get a hardware error when attempting to use it. I have never seen such a problematic solution as the SonicWall SSL VPN appliance. Fortunately, we are moving away from it, but still about a year away from being able to do away with it completely. Sorry just felt like venting a bit. Thanks for the info.

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