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Migration from PFSense to Sonicwall

Hi all,

Just wanted to know if anyone had any tips or tricks to migrate all the settings from a PFSense firewall onto a Sonicwall TZ370.

i'm dreading the idea of having to manually read settings from the PFSense box and manually re-create them on the Sonicwall box

any tips would be great

thanks heaps


Category: Entry Level Firewalls


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    SaravananSaravanan Moderator

    Hi @Jayden,

    Thank you for visiting SonicWall Community.

    Please try the below web-link to convert settings of a different vendor firewall to SonicWall platform.

    Hope this helps.


    Saravanan V

    Technical Support Advisor - Premier Services

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    jrgray99jrgray99 Newbie ✭

    I need to do the same thing as Jayden. Unfortunately that isn't super helpful as pfSense is not one of the options. Any other ideas?

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    TKWITSTKWITS Community Legend ✭✭✭✭✭

    Unfortunately you'll have to re-create the config on the Sonicwall.

    Consider it a learning experience.

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