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importing and exporting profiles for the NetExtender client

NickBNickB Newbie ✭

I have installed client version 10.2.309 and I followed the steps here: to export and import connection profiles (I am trying to do an automated install and zero touch configuration of the client for a mass rollout of laptops). When I tried to import the registry key I receive an error stating I do not have permissions. Checking the standalone key I agree the admin only has read, but the netextender group and netextender client service has full control. I have tried to take ownership of the keys, but that does not work as well. Am I doing something wrong or has something changed since the article above was published? If so is there another method to address what I am trying accomplish with the NetExtender client? Let me know . Thanks.

Category: VPN Client


  • prestonpreston Enthusiast ✭✭
    edited April 2021

    Hi @NickB , if you uninstall NetExtender then it will let you add the registry entries for the profiles, it won't let you do it whilst the NEService64.exe is running, you will get the permissions error, so unless you can terminate this service the only way I have found is to uninstall, add the registry entries, then re-install and the profiles will still be there.

    You did used to be able to do this without getting the permissions error so something must have changed in the later versions.

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