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Mods deleted my TZ 370 post

Well it looks like SomicWall is aware the Gen 7, TZ370 is a steaming pile of garbage but doesn't want anyone to know. Deleting my post without even sending me a message is cowardly and not what I would expect from a company that cares about it's end user. I will be returning this junk and telling everyone I know to stay far away from this joke of a company. Congrats you just lost a 15+ year customer that has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars with you.
Category: Entry Level Firewalls


  • RobWRobW Newbie ✭

    Yours and mine both. They have deleted much more I assume. Hop over to reddit so we can continue the trash talk.

  • ThekmummThekmumm Newbie ✭
    Hey mods I have reported your stealth deletions to every person I know at SonicWall and they didn't seem to impressed. I hope someone high up is telling you to delete these. Not a good look for SonicWall and not a good way to run a "community". Ok have fun deleting this and I guess you can ban me to because I will be banning SonicWall from my network. Thanks
  • TerriTerri Administrator

    Hi Everyone,

    I posted this on the original post too, but wanted to ensure you saw my response as follows:

    I wanted to jump on this thread, introduce myself and clarify some actions that were taken by SonicWall staff in the last 48 hours.

    My name is Terri O'Leary and I'm the VP for Web and Digital Services at SonicWall. You can get my attention on this community by using "@Terri" when you write a post. 

    Our Community is a public forum. It is important to us to be transparent, and to provide a place for our end users, partners and employees to interact, ask questions and help each other. That is the whole purpose for this Community to exist.

    These posts are reviewed by a team of SonicWall moderators daily. As with any public-facing platform, we have some rules about acceptable practices here. You can read our full Community Rules and Guidelines here: 

    In general, I can simplify them down into the following statements:

    - We don't tolerate spam

    - We don't allow profanity, demeaning or abusive behavior

    - We don't allow the advertisement of competitor products

    In the last few days, a few posts have been flagged by our Moderation team for possible breach of Community Guidelines. While the posts were being reviewed by a dedicated review board, they were temporarily removed from the Community. Reading the content, some of the language used could be determined to be in breach of our Community Rules. Let's just say it's borderline. However, our review board has taken the decision to restore the content fully and encourage the continuation of this conversation. Your feedback is invaluable to us and is being reviewed by the right people - the people responsible for our engineering roadmaps, development, testing and ultimately delivery of our products.

    Our process is to notify the poster that their content has been temporarily removed, while it us under review. In this case, it seems those notifications were not received and I have a team looking into fixing that issue today so it does not happen again.

    In the case of Thekmumm, I believe I am joining a SonicWall meeting with you later today. I look forward to being able to address this with you directly and getting your concerns about NSM and Gen 7 addressed.

    For everyone else, let's continue the conversation, keep it productive and get your concerns addressed. You should see some additional input from our Product Management team on this thread shortly.

    Thank you all,


    VP, Web and Digital Experience, SonicWall. Get my attention by tagging @Terri on the Community.

  • ThekmummThekmumm Newbie ✭


    I appreciate the response and was happy to speak with you today. I hope that SonicWall addresses the short comings in Gen 7 and is more transparent with the community moving forward. The firmware update today was a step in the right direction and the fixing the bug where notifications were not being sent out should help. I understand the rules and didn't think I was violating them.



  • RobWRobW Newbie ✭

    Thank you Terri! I appreciate these posts being restored, this really does communicate levels of transparency. Really hoping this new firmware can fix most of these issue's.

    What I think most of us would like, is the see SonicWALL recognize these issues. If you would read any of these posts, before deleting them I think you will understand what we are frustrated with. It is not that the posts were deleted, it is SonicWALL's direct deflection of this issue.

    No one likes paying $1500 to be Beta testers.

  • RobWRobW Newbie ✭

    Having many issues with the new firmware...

  • ThekmummThekmumm Newbie ✭

    What kind of issues? I still have tons of issues in the NSM but none on the local interface. I only have one deployed in the field at the moment though.

  • RobWRobW Newbie ✭

    Current Model I am working with is a TZ370, upgraded to7.0.1. When I edit dhcp ranges, I get a error on saving saying unknown error occurred and issue cannot be determined at this time. Then the whole device like locks up, it displays no information other then that same error when trying to view anything else.

    This was scheduled for deployment tomorrow. No chance is that gonna happen.

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