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Exchange reject messages forwarded by email security

We have some rules on our exchange server regarding attachments sizes. Some users are allowed large attachments while the rest are not. Exchange is setup to send a canned message in the reject message for those are over the limit. Everythings working Ok except when a sender sends a message size that exceeds the limit, the reject message doesn't get forwarded through the email security appliance. Is there any way we can make that happen?

I imagine it's a part of SMTP magic that the reject occurs rather than a simple reply message back to the recipient.

Category: Email Security Appliances


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    David WDavid W SonicWall Employee

    It would be best to set the same message size limit on Email Security.

    You can set it in the connection management page.

    Keep in mind this os an organizational; limit.

    I would set this as the largest allowed message size first.

    After that you can set limits using filters for specific users or groups of users.

    David Wilbur

     Technical Support Senior Advisor, Premier Services , SME Email Security

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