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CC "Advanced" installation on Windows Servers running BCDR backup solution

Hi - just getting started on the CC(A) product line and have a question on using the "advanced" version of CC on Windows server. Have a few customer running a Datto imaging backup solution that utilize VSS snapshots to get what is currently backups configured to run hourly.

Was reading the post on the Quest Rapid Recovery ( - and decided a call to support would be in order.

The above question was discussed and per the discussion, the Quest RR was still an open case w engineering support.

I don't particularly need an avoidable situation with integrating CC onto a server running a BCDR backup solution, so thinking if the better Capture Client solution would be the standard and not the advanced.

Any pros/cons with that approach? I'm just getting started and did a 25-license pack purchase of the CCA - so means I would have to purchase licenses of the CC-standard product I'm guessing....but if will eliminate any VSS conflicts - I'm up for that. Thanks in advance - B1N

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    SuroopMCSuroopMC SonicWall Employee
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    @b1ntech - we have CC Advanced coexisting with other backup solutions fairly well. The Quest Backup seems to be a little uique in this matter.

    In general, we recommed applying exclusions for Backup solutions. See this page for some applications that we have already seen in the field and addressed:

    An alternative way to address it is to disable creation of Snapshots via your Threat Protection Policy. However, this will mean you cannot use the rollback solution. If you trust your backup solution (and you should) to be a sufficient replacement for rollback, then by all means you can disable it.

    If i were to think of this as a non-SonicWall employee I would weight it like this:

    1. If I go with CC Basic, Snapshots are disabled by default but I miss out on a lot of other features like Attack Storyline, Device Control, Capture-ATP integration, Content Filtering and Applicatioon Vulnerability Intelligence
    2. If I go with CC Advanced, I can exclude my Backup solution and still get all the other features of Advanced. Worst case, if i disable Snapshots, I can sidestep an interoperability issues but I have to be very confident of my Backup solution

    Hope that helps!


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    b1ntechb1ntech Newbie ✭

    Thanks Suroopmc... didn't think of your final points #1 and #2. Makes little sense to lose those features in the advanced bundle. Riddle solved and question answered. Thanks much for the informative answer...B1N -

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