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APs on a different vlan than the firewall what DHCP option to use for discovery

dibthreedibthree Newbie ✭

Our APs are on VLAN 10 and our firewall sits on VLAN 25

What DHCP option can I use to tell the APs how to find the firewall?

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    dibthreedibthree Newbie ✭

    Thanks @SHIPRASAHU93 for your response.

    We just started down the SonicWall path looking for a more economical solution than Cisco. We are completing an install on a smaller location with 32 Access Points.

    Our installs are all typical medium size company installs - multiple VLANs with a Layer 3 core and 30 to 100 APs per location.

    In a layer-3 network the Firewall is routed to, and the core Layer-3 switch is the gateway for the VLANs.

    All the other Wireless products I have worked with can use Layer 2 Discovery, DHCP Options, or DNS - Cisco, Aruba, Ubiquiti, etc. to find their controller. I didn't think to double check SonicWall because I assumed it was a standard feature for wireless in general.

    If layer-2 discovery is the only option and the firewall has to sit on the wireless VLAN it sounds like SonicWall is really intended for smaller companies and not for Medium size enterprise solutions?

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    If it is a larger deployment, and the firewall is on a routed network, I would suggest using wireless cloud management. Please take a look at the KB below.


    Shipra Sahu

    Technical Support Advisor, Premier Services

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