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Sonicwall SMA + Connect Tunnel + VPN server could not allocate an IP address

3/4/2021 15:21:32.586 I Tunnel Protocol message ShutdownMessage received, size 72, Allow 

3/4/2021 15:21:32.586 W Tunnel SHUTDOWN(6): Unable to assign Client VIP: no more addresses available

3/4/2021 15:21:32.586 I Tunnel Set protocol state from ProtoClientConfigure to ProtoClosed

3/4/2021 15:21:32.586 I Tunnel RAS pipe closed

3/4/2021 15:21:32.586 E Ras The VPN Manager service reported an error. 

Error 0xE3050011: The server was unable to allocate a client IP address

3/4/2021 15:21:32.586 I Tunnel Set tunnel state from TunnelNegotiate to Closed

3/4/2021 15:21:32.586 I Tunnel Tunnel closed

3/4/2021 15:21:32.586 I Vpn Signal the user that the tunnel has closed

3/4/2021 15:21:32.586 I Vpn Signal the user that the call has completed

3/4/2021 15:21:32.586 I Vpn Error(1073807372): VcTunnelOpenComplete failed, 

3/4/2021 15:21:32.586 I Vpn Error(c0000241): TunnelHeaderReceiveComplete failed, The transport connection was aborted by the local system.

3/4/2021 15:21:32.586 I General Compressor Details:

CompressedPackets :0

CompressedPostBytes :0

CompressedPreBytes :0

UnCompressedBytes :0

DecompressedPackets :0

DecompressedPostBytes :0

DecompressedPreBytes :0

3/4/2021 15:21:32.623 I Ras Closing communication pipe {9C9D18EC-07BB-401E-81A3-CA8B0327FDD6} with the VPN Manager service.

3/4/2021 15:21:32.623 E Ras RasCustomDial completed with errors. 

Error 0xE3050011: VPN server could not allocate an IP address.

Category: Secure Mobile Access Appliances


  • Usually this means there is a networking issue or you have the wrong DHCP address populated.

    Were you able to open a case and sort this out?

  • SandeepSandeep Newbie ✭


    Eventually i had opened a case with the Support team, and they advised to enable the aggressively and fully recycle expired DHCP leases in advance. Network>DHCP>Advanced settings>Others.

    But our issue got resolved automatically when the traffic was shifted from active to standby unit, after that we did not face the VPN ip allocation issue, Please try these two and check.

    Hope it helps.


    Sandeep Sukale

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