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Netextender does not recognize scandinavian umlauts

JontusJontus Newbie ✭


we are using a Sonicwall TZ300 to connect to our work network with VPN. The VPN client is Netextender version 9.0.277. Some of our users can't connect with the client, they get an error invalid username/password. We found out the reason is they have nordic umlauts in their password (such as ä,ö,å). After changing the password to one without umlauts, the connection works. Is there a way to make sonicwall recognize special letters such as nordic umlauts? Maybe a firmware upgrade?

Category: SSL VPN


  • SaravananSaravanan Moderator

    Hi @Jontus,

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    I checked on our end and seems like we do not see any such issues reported. Please have your SonicWall upgraded to the latest firmware version and check it once. I personally have a Netextender on version 8.6.256 and dont seem to have this sort of issue with Danish special characters.


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  • JontusJontus Newbie ✭
    edited March 2021


    and thanks for your reply. It seems the device already has the latest firmware, but the issue still exists. Perhaps the problem is with the Network policy server.

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