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How can I manage Tenants?

PrestonRPrestonR Newbie ✭
edited February 2021 in MySonicWall

I came across this KB article:

it appears to be for an older version of the MSW portal, in the new portal when selecting "my groups" either under product management or under Resources & support, I'm instead taken to "User Groups" (under My Workspace).

I accidentally created a tenant when transferring a product and I'd like to remove it, since I had simply made a typo in the Tenant group I wanted to put it in. I've since transferred the product to the (spelled correctly) tenant it was supposed to go under, but I can't find a way to actually delete the tenant, so I don't mis-click every time I try to access that tenant, and end up at a page with zero products on it.

Is there really no way to do this? What is sonicwall doing with their online tools? Why is this such a mess?

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    LarryLarry All-Knowing Sage ✭✭✭✭
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    To delete your empty Tenant, click on My Workspace, and select Dashboard.

    Your Tenants should be listed as boxes. To the far right of the name are three vertical dots. In an empty Tenant, you should have the option to Delete it. There might be a confirmation notice, I honestly don't recall.

    As for the KB article, that was probably written for the 17.1 (or prior) version of MSW. Now that it is up to 17.3, the doc needs to be updated to reflect that.


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    MicahMicah SonicWall Employee

    @micah - SonicWall's Self-Service Sr. Manager

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    PrestonRPrestonR Newbie ✭

    Thanks, that did it. It's not very intuitive, but that's par for the course, I suppose.

    I'm only surprised that the KBs relating to MSW were not updated as part of the upgrade process of MSW when so many UI elements changed; not to mention the removal of the "old style" option, which was feature-complete, and something that a lot of the people who have been working with sonicwall for a while, were familliar with. In any case, this is resolved. thanks again Larry.

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    LarryLarry All-Knowing Sage ✭✭✭✭

    I'm thinking that could be SonicWall's 2021 motto!

    It's not very intuitive

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    My option to Delete the tenant is greyed out, any thoughts?

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    PrestonRPrestonR Newbie ✭

    Hello Sonicion,

    The only thing that stands out to me is that the Tenant must be empty for this process to work, could you still have a device in the tenant? You may need to remove that first.

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