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SSL VPN to LAN access impossiblefor some devices. Drop code 701

SurfingOnARocketSurfingOnARocket Newbie ✭
edited February 2021 in Entry Level Firewalls
My customer can not access his LAN. The iOS app connects successfully but that's it. I see his requests in the packet monitor being dropped with this message:
701(Packet dropped - Denied by SSLVPN per user control policy)

He tried with iPhone, iPad, OSX. If I try with his credentials the connection works. I also created a new user and verified 234 times the SSLVPN > LAN firewall rules are including all users and his user dooes have permission to access the subnet. He is in Asia and the TZ and me are in Europe. GeoIP is off as well as Gateway AV, DPI SSL etc.

TZ 400 SonicOS 6.2

Any ideas or lists what this drop code means are appreciated
Category: Entry Level Firewalls


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    Welcome to the SonicWall community.

    Basically, that error points to the VPN access provided to the user with which the connection is made. Please make sure that X0 subnet or whichever network you want to provide access to is added to the client routes under SSLVPN as well as to the VPN access of that specific user.


    Shipra Sahu

    Technical Support Advisor, Premier Services

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    It looks like an update of the firmware to fixed this.
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