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Sonicwall RADIUS and DUO 2FA not working after firmware upgrade

wfadminwfadmin Newbie ✭
edited February 2021 in VPN Client

I upgraded a very old firmware ( on the TZ500 to SonicOS Enhanced For the most part, everything are working fine except for the GVC.

After getting the DUO push notification, GVC will just automatically disable itself the moment I allow access. The log on GVC showed exactly "The Policy downloaded from the firewall is invalid or incomplete" as described here :

LAN subnet access is given to all VPN users so the resolution on the article is not the problem. What else can it be?

I have also verified that the RADIUS is working correctly.

The GVC and the DUO push notification was working fine before the firmware upgrade. It's only problematic after the firmware upgrade and I cannot figure out why when all the settings look correct.

Category: VPN Client

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    wfadminwfadmin Newbie ✭
    Answer ✓

    Reset to factory default then reconfigure every settings on the Sonciwall. Now working.


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