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Antispam module on Gen7 unit (CASS)

Hello Community. Need some insight from some of you expert in CASS. After customer has configured the CASS module, quite a huge number of clean emails coming from his suppliers are identified by likely spam without clear reasons. I'm verify that CAS module on gen7 is quite different than CAS module on previous version where there is an Address book section to include allowed domains. So, I have two questions:

  • is there a way to train the CASS service since it will be able to correctly identify such suppliers email?
  • as a workaround, how could be possibile to create a white list for the suppliers domains to be used by the antispam?

Thanks, Regards.

Category: Entry Level Firewalls


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    Kavya_LBKavya_LB SonicWall Employee

    Hi @ENZINO78,

    This is called as a false positive issue in which good emails are judged as threat. There is no specific option within CASS to submit these false positives directly like we have on other on-premise ES solutions. However, When user unjunks the mail our GridPrints database collects the reputation votes to create a collaborative intelligence network.

    You could use the feature Address book allowed list under Policy | Antispam | Allowed list to add the trusted sender/domain name in allowed list. 

    If you're facing too many false positives please submit a support ticket with few emails collecting from the firewall junk box as per the below article

    How do I report false positive emails caused by anti-spam service? | SonicWall



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