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SNMP data from SonicWall switches

We use Auvik for network monitoring. I'd like to get SNMP info from our SonicWall switches, but don't know how to do it. According to SonicWall support, the switches do not support read-only snmp v1/v2 access. Is the solution to create an authenticated user?

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  • acohen32acohen32 Newbie ✭

    Note, the device has an existing user named "noAuthUser". I added that as a snmp v3 user to Auvik and it started pulling SNMP info! However, I'm not convinced that it's pulling as much as it could.

  • TIJUTIJU Moderator

    Hi @acohen32 Thanks for providing this feedback. We have an open bug for getting the MIB file and other SNMP management piece done. We will update on ETA once things unfolds.

  • ITFITF Newbie ✭
    we use PRTG with SNMP version v2c. You have to capitalize the user PUBLIC.
    We use it to monitor ping, tweeting, and traffic on the individual ports.
    We have already requested a MIB file.

  • acohen32acohen32 Newbie ✭

    @TIJU, any update on availability of SNMP info?



  • gregc00gregc00 Newbie ✭

    I was just told by SW support that snmp has been disabled on current firmware versions, Was enabled thru but they found "some issues" and disabled it.

    We found out after we swapped out a Meraki network, so our map is now a big jumbled mess :(

    No ETA was provided to me, it would be very good to even have an "off the record" idea of whether this stands.

    -Greg C

  • acohen32acohen32 Newbie ✭

    Release Notes through showed SWO-1452 "SNMP related settings are not available on Switch" as Known Issue. That Issue ID was then moved to Resolved in I just received an email today announcing Curious to see if SNMP info is back.

  • gregc00gregc00 Newbie ✭

    No, sorry, I was running latest last week and no SNMP.

    I got a note from SW support that firmware has been announced and should re-enable SNMP (and hopefully fix the previous issues)

    Still no ETA on the update though. Switch FW doesn't appear to have a regular release cycle... hopefully it'll be fully baked soon.

  • kthorkthor Newbie ✭

    Was just testing snmp on

    Snmp is not available yet in the menu, although indicated in the Admin Guide and CLI config resulted in snmpwalk responce of "value NULL." or SNMPv2-MIB::system = NULL, Error: OID not increasing: SNMPv2-MIB::system

    Enabling and disabling snmp seems to work though, get no responce.


  • acohen32acohen32 Newbie ✭

    @kthor I wouldn't expect it to work as desired with since in a previous post it was stated that SNMP is scheduled for 1.1.1. Further, as I noted in my observation in my original post, I suspect it will require SNMP v3.

  • gregc00gregc00 Newbie ✭

    I see that was released 5/11/2022

    Release notes mention these as resolved:

    SWO-1432 SNMP pages are not loading on Switch UI when using Get Command.

    SWO-821 Adding the SNMP settings related tabs on the Switch UI

    Has anyone loaded this build yet? Feedback?

    -Greg C

  • gregc00gregc00 Newbie ✭

    I found that my switches had auto-updated to

    Though we have SNMP policies set in WCM the APs and switchers are NOT listening for SNMP.

    I WAS able to work through the convoluted steps in this doc to get SNMP v2c working on the switches so I can see interface status etc again. Yay!

    Switch Administration Guide - How to configure SNMP on SonicWall Switch - SonicWall

  • gregc00gregc00 Newbie ✭


    My switches upgraded to

    After the upgrade I needed to re-establish SNMP on the devices, they still don't get SNMP config from the cloud.

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