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SNMP data from SonicWall switches

We use Auvik for network monitoring. I'd like to get SNMP info from our SonicWall switches, but don't know how to do it. According to SonicWall support, the switches do not support read-only snmp v1/v2 access. Is the solution to create an authenticated user?

Category: Switches


  • Note, the device has an existing user named "noAuthUser". I added that as a snmp v3 user to Auvik and it started pulling SNMP info! However, I'm not convinced that it's pulling as much as it could.

  • TIJUTIJU Moderator

    Hi @acohen32 Thanks for providing this feedback. We have an open bug for getting the MIB file and other SNMP management piece done. We will update on ETA once things unfolds.

  • ITFITF Newbie ✭
    we use PRTG with SNMP version v2c. You have to capitalize the user PUBLIC.
    We use it to monitor ping, tweeting, and traffic on the individual ports.
    We have already requested a MIB file.

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