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Is the SRA 4600 running (and associated NetExtender) affected by the SMA 100 vulnerabilty?

I know the advisory states the SMA 100, but the two devices are so similar, I have to ask. Also, is NetExtender Client 9.0.279 at risk?

Category: Secure Mobile Access Appliances

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    TerriTerri Administrator
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    At this time, the information that our Support teams have is that only NetExtender 10.x is impacted. It is also my understanding that the SRA 4600 is not impacted.

    I am closing this Discussion to future comments. Please post all further comments on this topic to the following thread:

    Urgent Security Advisory - NetExtender VPN Client Version 10.x and SMA 100 Series — SonicWall Community

    The above thread is being monitored and will be responded to by SonicWall with updates over the coming days.



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