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Substitute Site to Site VPN with SD-WAN instead

DsenoraDsenora Newbie ✭

Hi guys,

We have two locations in different countries. In each location we have two Hypervisors. Currently the Site to Site VPN works at a rate of 10 MB/s.

Would it be possible to substitute the Site to Site VPN with SD-WAN? Does it require additional licenses from Sonicwall? Would we see an improvement with the data transfer speed rates?



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    The SD-WAN is not a licensed service and is available on all Gen 6 devices running 6.5.3.x and higher.

    Although, for the problem that you have mentioned, I do not think that SD-WAN will be helpful. SD-WAN is used to make efficient decisions based on Jitter, latency, and data loss and select the right VPN to forward the traffic to. This will help if you have multiple tunnels connecting the same location and would like to automatically switch to the best option.

    I would suggest performing an iperf test across VPN to check what is the maximum throughput achievable through the VPN. You can also exclude the VPN traffic from DPI Services to make the processing quicker on the firewall.

    Thank you!

    Shipra Sahu

    Technical Support Advisor, Premier Services

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