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Analytics - Log Analyzer-Other Filters-Application

On an On-Prem installation of SonicWall Analytics v2.5 is there an easy way to pick, sort or find the application name to filter on?

There seems to be a real long list, in no specific order. For example how do I find "YouTube" without scrolling through all 1455 options?

Or, is there a better way to search for the specific items by application?

Category: Firewall Management and Analytics

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    MattMatt Newbie ✭

    Thanks MasterRoshi,

    That was a quick, easy to follow answer. If I am looking for a certain application I can set to view to show 100 items, do a search of the page and hopefully find the application I am looking for.

    So, I assume there is no good way to select an application in the view I showed in my original question.

    Are there any videos or links that give a detailed instructions on using this product?


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    MattMatt Newbie ✭


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