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How to add another domain to my ESVA for email filtering before forwarding

Good day all,

Not sure where this question belongs and this is only my 2nd time reaching out to the community (first was extremely helpful). Still a newbie, I am afraid.

We have an ESVA setup to filter email before routing to destination server. This works well with email from one domain (mail exchange is Rackspace). But we need to also filter email from another domain (mail exchange is uSoft O365). We want to make sure of course that emails get routed to proper destinations.

I have contacted SW CS and had 3 different set of instructions given. One I believe is completely off, where they said to go to Users, Groups and Organizations and choose "Add/Create an Organization" followed by several more convoluted (to me at least) steps.

The other 2 processes involved going through Network->Server Configuration and either "Add path" to Inbound Email Flow , where there already exists a path from Any:25 to MTA Smarthost. OR to "Add path" to Outbound Email Flow, where no path exists "No mail servers are entered"

I am told that our MX record at the DNS server instructs emails to either of the domains to be routed to our ESVA....Hopefully that makes sense.

So in the end, I am trying to figure out which way to go, either Inbound or Outbound Email Flow (or both?) and what should be my entries (Proxy or MTA variations).



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    David WDavid W SonicWall Employee

    You would need to set this up as if it were it's own configuration.

    You can do this either like you did with your current domains and add a new path or add the domains into the current path and set exception routing and add the domain and where to deliver the emails to .

    MTA mode would most likely be best.

    You can also then split them out into organizations.

    This works best when you have different destination servers as it allows you to set domain specific settings instead of having to apply the same settings to all of your domains.

    Also if this is O365 there is currently no outbound support with an on prem appliance.

    It is coming but will most likely be in the 10.1 time frame.

    David Wilbur

     Technical Support Senior Advisor, Premier Services , SME Email Security

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