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AWS Site to Site VPN / SonicWall Tunnel Configuration

Hi all,

I am having problems setting up a site-to-site VPN with our AWS VPC and an enduser using SonicWall router, and I am having difficulty understanding exactly how to configure the two pieces. If anyone could take a chance to look at the information below, I would be thankful for guidance on how/what information to send to our enduser to get them connected up!

On our AWS side, we have the following configuration:

Public IP: (obv hidden for these purposes)

Inside IP CIDR:

Once connected, I would like them to access my VPC on, more specifically access a server on a specific IP

What information would I pass along, along with the passphrase/VPN public addresses to help hook up a SonicWall router to our site-to-site VPN, and set up the appropriate tunnel to pass along the traffic to the appropriate subnet/ec2 instance once connected?

Category: SSL VPN


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