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GVPN routing over site to site VPN

ColinTabernerColinTaberner Newbie ✭
edited April 2020 in VPN Client

We have two Sonicwall SOHOW (Site A and Site B) with a static VPN tunnel between. Server A (x.1.10.240) exists at Site A (x.1.10.0/24). Site B (x.1.11.0/24) provides access to Global VPN clients (x.1.12.0/24). I would like to be able to set up access and routing on the SOHO devices for Server A to be accessible by Site B Global VPN clients.

I've tried a few scenarios but can't quite seem to get it. There is no problem with Site B GVPN clients accessing Site B.

Thank you!

Category: VPN Client

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