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SMA 500v - 10.0.6 + not able to log off from RDP connection in Firefox

BWCBWC Cybersecurity Overlord ✭✭✭

Hi all,

well the title says it all, while investigating some issues regarding Custom SSO credentials I came along a new problem.

When connecting to a RDP Server (W2KR12 or W2K16 tested) and trying to log off, the message "Remote session logged off." appears for a short time and then it automatically reconnects to the Terminal-Server.

This only happens within Firefox, MS Edge and Google Chrome stay at the "Remote session logged off." message and I can click OK to close that window.

This problem occurs only on 10.0.6 and -, no other versions affected. Automatic Reconnection is disabled in the bookmark, but makes no difference.

Is this a known bug or should I open a ticket for that?


Category: Secure Mobile Access Appliances
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