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SMA 500v - 10.0.6 + not able to log off from RDP connection in Firefox

BWCBWC Cybersecurity Overlord ✭✭✭

Hi all,

well the title says it all, while investigating some issues regarding Custom SSO credentials I came along a new problem.

When connecting to a RDP Server (W2KR12 or W2K16 tested) and trying to log off, the message "Remote session logged off." appears for a short time and then it automatically reconnects to the Terminal-Server.

This only happens within Firefox, MS Edge and Google Chrome stay at the "Remote session logged off." message and I can click OK to close that window.

This problem occurs only on 10.0.6 and -, no other versions affected. Automatic Reconnection is disabled in the bookmark, but makes no difference.

Is this a known bug or should I open a ticket for that?


Category: Secure Mobile Access Appliances


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    KiranKiran SonicWall Employee

    The firmware version you have posted in no longer supported.

    We have not seen any such issue in latest firmware as of now.

    Please upgrade to latest or In case if you see the issue you can call us on our support and we can troubleshoot live.

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