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Failed Attempt

On SMA 7200 series we are unable to capture failed authentication attempts. It seems like the SMA is not logging or syslogging any of the failed authentication attempts. Has anyone else experienced this? Also, is there a specific log level that needs to be set to capture those events?

Category: Secure Mobile Access Appliances


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    NicholasNicholas SonicWall Employee
    edited January 2021

    You must turn on verbose logging level and each realm must have accounting records enabled. The actual message in the log will vary depending on what kind of authentication server you are using, for active directory failed auth attempts i made on a lab box they looked like this.

    you can see my random keystroke names i tried "fhah" and "hadfhadh" If you try an existing username it returns a different message. Local auth and radius will present different failure messages as well.

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