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DHCP - Current -- Available -- Total Inconsistent

This has always seemed odd to me, but I think I've finally hit a problem that could be related. Currently, I'm seeing this in my NSa 4600

Current: 113. Available Dynamic: 28. Available Static: 0. Total Active: 228. Total Configured: 228.

113 + 28 = 141

Where are the other 87 addresses? I'm seeing "DHCP Server: Resources of this pool ran out" errors in the log, but there are never 228 IP addresses in use.

Can anyone shed some light?

Category: Mid Range Firewalls


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    Hello Scott @shultis - this will probably help:

    in 'diag.html' Internal Settings page, change:

    1) Time interval of DHCP lease database to be refreshed: 120 Seconds (Default is 600 seconds)

    2) Number of DHCP leases in database to be refreshed: 20 (Default is 10)

    3) Aggressively recycle expired DHCP leases in advance (please turn on)

    4) Changed the lease time interval from 60 minutes to 1440 minutes

    5) Disable, if on: 'Enable DHCP Server Network Pre-Discovery'

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