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Manually Remove Capture Client

RyanSRyanS Newbie ✭
edited December 2020 in Capture Client

Hi All,

I have an expired capture client installed on my PC, I don't have any trace of it in MySonicwall, so I can't find a passphrase or anything for it. I am sure it is causing some problems on my Win10laptop, and I just want to get rid of it.

I am not an employee of an MSP end user client, I am a former manager of a MSP that trailled the software and forgot about it.

I can't find any relevant links to do a hard remove, if anyone is able to help, it would be sincerely apprecaited.



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    Hello @RyanS,

    Welcome to the SonicWall community.

    When Capture Client was installed, if the Anti-tamper feature was enabled on the management console, the uninstall process will continue to ask for the passphrase.

    Even if the license is expired, Support still stores the information for 90 days. So, if your license expired within the last 90 days, I would suggest getting in touch with our support team and letting them know the hostname and tenant ID for this specific machine and they can provide you the passphrase.

    Thank you!

    Shipra Sahu

    Technical Support Advisor, Premier Services

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    wwwadcomwwwadcom Newbie ✭

    Hello @shiprasahu93

    I have a similar problem regarding failed to uninstall an expired capture client 

    (SentinelOne Agent)

    I have tried to contact customer-service (case 43649983)

    But they can not help with this.

    They reply that "CS representatives are not trained technically and we don't have Capture Client portal access."

    I tried to create a tech support case.

    But for a tried/expired S/N, it is not allowed to create a case.

    Please advise me how to uninstall an  expired Capture Client (SentinelOne Agent)


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    ThKThK Cybersecurity Overlord ✭✭✭

    @wwwadcom @RyanS today i had same issue. an unmanaged captureclient could be uninstalled though the captureclient portal.

    But the new installation of any version of captureclient asked for an authorization passphrase.

    The problem was that no key is available because the pc former noticed as unmanaged disappeard after successful uninstalling.

    The new Installation failed because fragments of former installations were still on the pc

    check the sonicwall folders under program and program 86 , could you rename or delete?

    so a good help is

    but i was not allowed to change these rights. I could not because the capture client protection service blocked any modification to these entries.

    my solution was to log of the computer. log in as local PC admin. and delete in the registry the service entry for the sonicwall client protection service. After a restart i confirmed that visual c++2013 and 2015 were installed also at least dotNet 472

    now the fresh installation of the client 3.1.5 succeded


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    BWCBWC Cybersecurity Overlord ✭✭✭

    @RyanS that's an unfortunate situation, SentinelOne provides a cleaner tool and SNWL as well, it seems a bit tailored though.

    Maybe @SuroopMC can help out here, because this will happen not for the last time, that a Trail License got lost in the process and an Agent cannot be removed via Management UI. Their should be a standard strategy for this, instead of having no help from the support.


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