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Blocked devices using ndi

We have an out of support Sonicwall that seems to be blocking ndi communication between Mac computers. Trying to send ndi feed from IMac 2020 running Propresenter 7 to 2012 MacBook Air running OBS Studio and it sees the devices but data is not transferring. Can connect to simple router with both computers and it works fine but not with SW network.

Category: Entry Level Firewalls

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    Thank you very much, I did the first fix and it worked. I have another situation where I’m trying to connect to a ip address on our system that is pulling information from a program but it never finds it. I have a “tally light” app that let’s a camera know when it’s being used on a controller. The software used an iPhone at the receiver through an ip address on our system, such as When I try to connect I get the spinning wheel of death and it doesn’t connect. Any idea where I start to try to find a fix? Thanks again

    I’ve been asked by the software company to get port 3777 enabled. Searched some but not finding anything to tell me where to look. 

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    If they both are on the same network, then the port should automatically be allowed. I would suggest doing a packet capture to troubleshoot this further.


    Shipra Sahu

    Technical Support Advisor, Premier Services

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    So, how long do I let this run and do I need to export the captured packet to send to you? What's the best way to export?

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    Please use the right filters under the monitor filter tab of the packet capture and try to access the URL while you have the packet capture running. Once you test, stop the packet capture. Please share a screenshot here so I can take a look.

    Here is a sample filter for you:

    Please click on Investigate | Packet Monitor | Configure,

    - Settings tab: Uncheck everything

    - Monitor Filter tab:

    * Check “Enable Bidirectional address and port matching"

    * Ether type: IP

    * IP Type: TCP

    * Destination Ports: 3777

    * Everything else clear

    - Display Filter Tab: Everything clear, all boxes check

    - Advance Monitor Filter: Everything check

    - Click OK, and Start Capture.

    - Please click on the Refresh option on the packet monitor page to see the traffic.

    Thank you!

    Shipra Sahu

    Technical Support Advisor, Premier Services

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