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Two Internet connections, Two network segments, bur different default routes.

I have a TZ670 appliance. Internet provider 1 is connected to X1. Internet provider 2 is connected to X2. There are two LAN segments X0 and X3. What I want to accomplish is for all Internet traffic originating on X0 to route to X1 and if X1 is down fall back to X2. At the same time I want Internet traffic originating on X3 to route to X2 and fall back to X1. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

X0 --> X1 then X2

X3 --> X2 then X1

Category: Entry Level Firewalls

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    I was so used to the old interface I missed the +Add at the bottom of the screen. I was able to add the route and everything is working now.

    Thank you.

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