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Feature Request - Connect Tunnel 'always on mode'

We have recently moved from the SMA 100 / Netextender environment to the SMA 1000 / Connect Tunnel environment. ( FYI - wow! lots of great features in the SMA 1000 environment)

With NetExtender we used the "Always On VPN" mode and if the users laptop went to sleep, it would pretty reliably reconnect to the VPN.

With the Connect Tunnel client we use the Device VPN functionality. It is great at connecting after a restart, before the user login, and then switching from a Device connection to a User connection once the user enters their credentials. Unfortunately, the users report that after the laptop resumes from sleep, it is often left in a Device VPN mode. (For us, the device does not have a lot of access on the network). So the user has to hit 'Connect" to re-establish a usable VPN connection.

It would be nice if there was a setting to make the Connect Tunnel aggressive about always trying to force a switch from a Device VPN to a User VPN. Possibly, even to the point of not allowing them to 'Disconnect' like the behavior of the NetExtender client.

Category: VPN Client


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    @AgasthiamaniS -- is this expected behavior?

    @Doug_Daniel, my opinion is that we should be able to support this scenario with credential caching or some tweak to session expiry timers.. If you haven't touched base with support on this, please do so.

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