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Need aggregated bandwidth management capability

I've used Advanced BWM to great effect in many situations, but I have a bandwidth management situation which I don't see a good solution for in current SonicWALL releases.

I have multiple site-to-site VPN connections between remote sites and a central SonicWALL NSa 2650. The remote sites send bulk data at several random intervals around the clock to a receiver (server) connected to the central SonicWALL. The policy I want to implement is a pool of bandwidth, say 100 Mbps, to be shared by the group of say 10 VPN connections. This "pool of bandwidth" would allow senders to more effectively utilize available bandwidth when other senders are idle or those with limited egress bandwidth are active. If many high-bandwidth senders happen to be active simultaneously, then standard delay mechanisms would work fine.

The problem with the current SonicWALL BWM implementation is that bandwidth objects are independently applied to firewall rules - there's no concept of sharing a bandwidth object across a group of rules. Because of this limitation, I'm forced to utilize a very small bandwidth object to all the firewall rules. For example, if I have 100 Mbps of bandwidth I'd like to allocate to 10 senders, I can only allocate 10 Mbps of bandwidth to each sender to avoid the worst case scenario of all senders being active at the same time. This is a huge waste of available bandwidth because it prevents senders from utilizing available bandwidth when few other senders are active.

Am I missing something? If not, how can I turn this into a feature request?

Category: Firewall Management and Analytics


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    prestonpreston Enthusiast ✭✭

    Hi @Keppy , if these are from or going to other networks across the VPN,

    you can just group the Destination networks together in an address object group then create a firewall rule with the 100Mbps Bandwidth object and put it above the individual auto created rules? or am I misunderstanding what you are trying to do?

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    crock2022crock2022 Newbie ✭
    edited April 2022

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