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Geo-IP Global configuration


I would like to know how Global Geo-IP configuration works.

If I enable Global mode, in which direction does the firewall block Country´s IP addresses?

I have looked for this at the knowledge base and I found this:

First it says "block connections coming to or from..." but at the configuration it is shown as "Block connection to/from..."

So, for me it is not the same. And at the configuration, if I enable it in Global mode, and block Russia, then I suppose that no IP addresses from Russia are going to be allowed. But what if someone from the LAN side tries to download something from a WEB server hosted in Russia?

Category: Firewall Security Services

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    Thanks @shiprasahu93

    I would be great to have the option to block (Global mode) just in one direction, WAN-LAN.

    Or much better, have the option to choose source Zone and destination Zone for Geo-IP.

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    I do agree with that. Right now, it can only be achieved by specifically performing this on access rules.

    Shipra Sahu

    Technical Support Advisor, Premier Services

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