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Log Monitor length seems lmited

I support about a dozen different TZ firewalls - Currently running version (but I have seen them problem in all previous firmware). If I try to show the last 7 days (for example), all I can see is the last 2-4 hours. Why is that? Is the memory on even the TZ600 not large enough to store any more?

Category: Entry Level Firewalls

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    MSYFlyerMSYFlyer Newbie ✭

    I set up a process many years ago starting with PRO 100’s which has served me well over the years.

    I established a separate email account to receive Sonicwall logs.

    I have the logs sent to that address when they’re full.

    I use M$365 and the following applies to Outlook.

    I have rules established to move the inbound emails to separate folders for each Sonicwall I’m monitoring (presently 6).

    I’ve determined that I almost never have to go back more than 4 weeks to begin investigating an issue, so I use a Folder Policy to delete emails older than 4 weeks old.

    If there’s a problem or issue that I start investigating and I want to keep logs older than 4 weeks I move them to an investigative folder so that they aren't automatically deleted.

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