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How to Deploy NSv 6.5.4.v firmware on Azure

With the release of SonicOSX 7.0.0 Azure marketplace only allows deployment of the latest SonicOSX version

Category: Virtual Firewall

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    Enzino78Enzino78 Enthusiast ✭✭

    Hello Community, I have a customer wih an issue with NSv in Azure env, where it is provided only the new 7.x image and not the 6.5.4 anymore. Our partner has a NSv 200 for Azure and need to configure the image 6.5.4. Provided the KB mentioned above How do I deploy an old version of NSv on Azure? But parnter told me it doesn't work.

    Please help me.


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    SynergyTechSynergyTech Newbie ✭

    Just a bit of feedback... This process could be better documented on both the Azure template side and the Sonicwall documentation side. I understand there are Microsoft limitations on the Azure template, but I lost several hours of work due to the Azure template only supporting SonicOSX 7. Support also fumbled by not recognizing this issue. (I'd like to note that every support engineer I've worked with has been awesome and has resolved my issue in a very efficient manner)

    The documentation on the sonicwall side also needs some work. The Admin guide should be revised to note that if you purchase a non-v7 SKU go to the "How do I deploy an old version" guide.

    I'd also recommend changing the title of the article to say something like "How to deploy v6.5.4 of NSv on Azure". When I saw the article my first thought was - why would I want to deploy an old version?!?

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