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How to reset a users OTP pairing with authenticator

User bought new phone, but when she logs into account on Sonicawall it asks for her old OTP code and does not provide a way to create a new one to override the old one. How do I "clear" her old one so she can create a new one?

Category: SSL VPN


  • prestonpreston Enthusiast ✭✭
    edited November 18
    Hi @ChrisWheeler8700, edit the local user entry on the sonicwall there should be an option to unbind the otp,then get the user to login to the virtual office page and re-scan new otp.

    if the former isn't an option and the user is an LDAP user ( this is presuming that you enabled OTP for the AD group in the local user group which is being used for SSL VPN), delete the user from the local users menu and get them to re-login via the virtual office page and re-scan the new QR code,
    this will then re-add the local user to the local users database

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    Could you please confirm if you are using OTP via email or TOTP options for OTP method of the user account?

    If you are using TOTP, then you should be able to unbind the previous key using the option UNBIND TOTP KEY, save the changes. Please ask the user to try the 2FA once and she can get a new code.

    Keep us informed for any questions. Have a good day!!!


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