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Digital Certificate Authentication Using Smart Card

CFTCFT Newbie ✭

In our test environment domain users are authenticating using a smart card with pin, the certificates are being generated a Server 2019 Certificate Authority. We are trying to configure our SonicWall SMA 200 to use the same authentication.


Domain Portal set up for Certificate Authentication.

CA certificate imported to SMA 200.

Domain Controller/CA is configured for smart card authentication with pin.


When the users log into NetExtender they are presented with the certificate choice, but once certificate is selected, they are not being prompted for pin.


In our production environment we will be using an external CA.


SMA 200


Server 2019 (evaluation)

Category: VPN Client


  • Looks like a bug. Please submit a JIRA ticket with the help of tech-support

  • CFTCFT Newbie ✭

    I did the issue was elevated to a subject matter expert (SME).

    Will post results if phone conference is successful.

  • CFTCFT Newbie ✭

    The issue has not been resolved.

    I tried Mobile Connect with a the smart card and everything is working.

    NetExternder does not work after selecting the certificate there is no prompt to enter the PIN, it hangs on “verifying user” until the system is rebooted. 

    NetExternder is working with a certificate if it is loaded onto the local machine, but not on a smart card.  

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