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Important: macOS Devices Running Capture Client 3.1 Should NOT be Upgraded to macOS Big Sur

BrookChelmoBrookChelmo SonicWall Employee


This is an important notice concerning Apple’s latest desktop operating system macOS Big Sur and Capture Client endpoint protection.

SonicWall highly recommends that macOS devices running Capture Client 3.1 not be upgraded to macOS Big Sur.

During WWDC 20 this summer, Apple confirmed that macOS Big Sur will strongly discourage support for Kernel Extension(“kext”) in favor of the newer System Extensions (“sysext”). This change greatly reduces the possibility of kernel panics on endpoints and reduce the attack surface.

To date, the SonicWall Capture Client and SentinelOne agents use kext. Agents using the newer sysext, also called “kextless,” are in development and will be made available via Capture Client 3.6, which is schedule for release in very early 2021.

Devices running Capture Client 3.1 and macOS Big Sur will not be protected.

• For more information on support of macOS Big Sur, please refer to the FAQs available here.

• For updates on Capture Client compatibility with macOS, please refer to this KB article.

• For any further questions, please contact SonicWall Support.

From the SonicWall Capture Client Product Team

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  • Halon5Halon5 Enthusiast ✭✭
    edited November 14

    Thank you @BrookChelmo !

    I cant tell you how important this kind of information is to us. It saves a lot of people an enormous amount of time.


  • Over six months to have a working product is quite a long time. The fact of kexts being deprecated has been I think known even longer.

  • BWCBWC Cybersecurity Overlord ✭✭✭

    Hi @SonicAdmin80

    AFAIK kext support in general got a grace period and is still working in macOS Big Sur, not sure how practible it'll be and definitly not the way to go.

    But S1 is working on it, didn't gave the beta a try though, don't have enough machines to mess with.

    Because other vendors reported missing macOS Big Sur support too, no blame from me. Either they are all lame ducks or it's pretty complicated, hope for the latter. 😉


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