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high bandwith devices being disconnected? tz400

Hello all

I'm researching an issue on behalf of a client who is using a tz400 with a ubiquiti AC-HD access point, and I'm hoping someone here might know what could be causing the problem.

The customer is using 8 high end facial motion capture systems, which stream via rtp to a client to monitor what the HMC (head mounted cameras) are seeing over 2.4ghz band. (we are using this band instead of 5g because there are other 5g video transmitters in the space) The streaming device on the HMC's is an awow nv41s linux stick and is streaming two camera feeds (approximately 1.2 mp each)

The monitoring client can establish an initial connection to all the devices no problem, but when they all start recording (therefore bandwith starts to increase), the clients start dropping off the monitor client. We've been able to bypass this issue by changing the bit rate of the stream from variable to fixed, but this causes the image quality to be lower.

Our theory is that there could be a setting somewhere in the tz400 OS that could be disconnecting these clients or if anyone has a theory that could explain this, we would greatly appreciate it.


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  • bsteagalbsteagal Newbie ✭

    ok, I got a little more information on this issue.

    Once all HMC's were connected and recording at the fixed bit rate, a test was made by accessing one of the devices via ftp to get a copy of one of the recordings, when starting this, the streams from all 8 devices were cut off. In a manufacturer test environment, this doesn't happen (different network equipment, but same hardware with same firmware on the recording devices, same OS)


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    Based on the description, we need to understand what ports (TCP or UDP) are being used for this communication. Please try playing around with the timeout fields on the access rule between the respective zones.

    Another best method what I suggest is to check the SonicWall UI logs and capture the desired packets on the SonicWall to pin point the drop reason and of-course to demand a fix.

    Hope this helps. Have a good day!!!


    Saravanan V

    Technical Support Advisor - Premier Services

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  • bsteagalbsteagal Newbie ✭

    Thanks Saravan, for responding

    The video monitoring client makes an initial connection to the HMC's via IP, the streams coming back are unicast rtp (which typically runs over UDP). The monitoring client is also hard-wired to the network

    The connection that consistently crashes ALL the clients, is when making a simultaneous connection to any one of the HMC's via ftp to access the video being recorded, which makes me think there is perhaps some prioritization being done?

  • Thanks for your info @BSTEAGAL.

    Could you please perform a packet monitor on the firewall during the multiple connection establishment and we can easily trace out the issue at firewall end?


    Saravanan V

    Technical Support Advisor - Premier Services

    Professional Services

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