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Network File Sharing Access - File Download Cancelled

Hey i have a SRA 4200 running firmware SonicOS SSL-VPN which i believe is latest.

Some files when downloaded over the HTML5 client are failing to download. Just some files, not all, and i cant figure out why. I can 100% reproduce though with certain files. They are not large. My trial file is a 500kb pdf document.

I turned on logging on the appliance, and was able to get the following error when the problem occurs "Network File Sharing Access - File Download Cancelled"

Anyone ran into this? it happens internally from a local machine connected to the appliance, so i dont think its a network / firewall issue. But rather an issue with the appliance.

I see that there are some virtual appliances available now, so i am going to look into that as a replacement. But if i could get this working that would be sweet. Sonicwall will not sell me more licenses, so i am limited to 25 users anyway. Just trying to buy myself time before picking a new remote appliance.

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    Hello EOL - I would recommend taking this post into the correct forum for the SRA line. You placed this in the Firewalls sub-forum, which is not quite right: Try here instead:

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    uh what are you talking about? it says "HOME › TECHNOLOGY AND SUPPORT › SECURE REMOTE ACCESS › SECURE MOBILE ACCESS APPLIANCES" right at the top of this page... additionally, when i created a duplicate post at your link, it showed up right next to this one.

    i get that no one wants to support something so old, but i didnt put it in the wrong place at all.

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    [Deleted User][Deleted User] Cybersecurity Overlord ✭✭✭

    Hi @eol_sonicwall I went ahead and moved this post into the Secure Mobile Access Appliances. It somehow got miscategorized, but seems fixed now. I've also gone ahead and referred your question to some experts. Keep you posted!

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    SimonSimon Moderator

    Unfortunately with an SRA 4200 running, every aspect of this setup predates our systems design for HTML5.

    Your best bet would be to use a Netextender client to connect and do HTML5 thru the tunnel where no translation will be needed. I am not certain a current generation Netextender client will be compatible, but it might. I do not have access to a Netextender client this old, which might not run under Windows 10 anyway.

    With the setup out of all support since April 1, 2016, you are in that situation where you may find a combination that works but nothing is guaranteed. If you do, good, if not there is nothing I can do to make it better.

    I am in support, not sales, but I know we have a number of programs to help companies given the COVID-19 work from home environment. I'd suggest you contact a sales rep or partner and see if there might be a program you can use to have a more reliable and functional situation.

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