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Need to setup two DMZ

I have a TZ400 running the latest software. We have two internet providers, ATT and Spectrum. We are a medical company that must maintain constant contact with remote clinics to provide patient test results to them. Due to power issues in our area we must run with two ISP so that at least one is up at all times.

We need each ISP to have a DMZ for their public P addresses that is used on our servers. The software will only allow me to setup one DMZ. When I attempt to setup the second it gives me the error that the IP range is not in the Default DMZ range. I have contact tech support and they said it should be possible to establish two DMZ. I have also had Sonicwall support engineers log in on 6 different times to help program it. They have all failed. Is this something that is possible with the SonicOS 7 software?

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    Hello @AlanH,

    Welcome to SonicWall Community.

    You can certainly have two interfaces in DMZ zone, but they both cannot be transparent mode.

    The transparent mode will only work with the primary WAN connection as you need to choose a DMZ transparent range from the same subnet. You can have the other DMZ set with the private subnet and create port forwarding rules from the secondary WAN subnet. That should still work.

    Only DMZ transparent mode with secondary WAN subnet cannot be configured.

    I am pretty sure that the behavior is the same even on SonicOS7, but I can confirm that after some testing on my end.


    Shipra Sahu

    Technical Support Advisor, Premier Services

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