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In Regards to TZ-215 and Sonicwall DoS and XSS Vulnerabilities

In the document ( two separate versions of 5.9.2 are called out as a solution path (.7-5o and .13-7o). When is one chosen over the other?

Reason I have 2 of these at There seems to be a reference gap for the .8 and .9 versions when the firmware's associated PDF is viewed, in that 2.7 refers to 1.7 and below (for usage) and 2.13 to 1.10 and above (for usage).

The reason is I am asking is I loaded the 2.13 version to one of these and it now appears to have not restarted. The unit is in a remote site for which I have no after-hours access, but I confirmed with the ISP that there isn't even a link state shown between their device and the TZ. Needless to say, I am deferring from doing the other one until I can see what has happened and try to find a solution path for the one I did try to update.

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    Tech6Tech6 Newbie ✭

    I substituted another TZ215 earlier today running the older software (applying the saved configuration to it) and took the problematical one back to my office. I observed that the system would restart properly about 50 to 65% of the time. For the other times it would either not recognize an attached device (which didn't move from the port it had just worked on), or would be non-responsive to it's LAN address.

    Given that I took Saravanan's recommendation and installed on it. That one responds properly 100% of the time so far (5 restarts or power-off restarts). I intend to return it to the site next week.

    Thank you.

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