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bandwidth/speed limit set per user

right now what exact happen (without address object or address group) if i create access rule for any group and add that group in access rule and apply any bandwidth object so throws an error like rule overlap

possibilities i know :- add user IP address in address object and add that IP address in relatable group or add IP range and add in address group after that add in access rule right??

see i have ten to eleven different department and i have created groups of each department in "local users and groups" so is there any facility/function/tool anything that which i can use and apply "bandwidth objects" on group or individual user whenever bandwidth require as per usage of department(group) or individual users

in short when we create user or user group in "local user and groups" at that time we can add bandwidth object with user or user group, so is that possible or not in sonicwall TZ600?

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    Hi @SAMAJ,

    Welcome to SonicWall Community.

    You should be able to create access rules with Source and Destination set to be Any and for specific User Group. The rule overlap error is by design and you must overcome the error by using a specific service or service group on the BWM applied access rule. Lets say in your situation, you wanted to apply BWM for same services on all access rules, create multiple service groups containing same service objects with different object names. Then you can use these multiple service groups on multiple access rules with BWM applied. There wont be anymore error.

    This way your requirement can be achieved. Please give a shot and let us know further.

    Have a good one.


    Saravanan V

    Technical Support Advisor - Premier Services

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