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Remote SMA client DNS registration

We have been asked to set up remote clients to be able to print to an off-site printer, which may even be at another remote site. Both sites would be connected via one of as many as four SMA 8200 virtual appliances behind multiple Internet providers at two datacenters. For this to work, we either need to be able to lock down the remote IP address, which doesn't appear to be easy to do with multiple SMA's and multiple IP pools, or we need the remote client to register its IP address with DNS on one of our Active Directory servers, which also isn't looking promising. Has anyone done anything like this and if so, what is the most reliable way to accomplish it? If it just can't be done, we need to know that too, and we'll just have to get Sonicwall firewalls for the remote sites with printers and use site-to-site VPN's.

Category: Secure Mobile Access Appliances
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