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Clarification of Objects_START in TSR

I'm looking to verify the number of address objects our devices supports and how many address objects are allowed to exist in each group.

This is a snip of the TSR.

 #Network : Address Objects_START

--Address Object Table Info--

Object size:          352

Number of objects:       2047

Max objects:          23014

Max groups:          9910

Max group depth:        23015

Little unclear what "Object size: 352" means.

Does this indicate the space consumed in the firmware?

"Max group depth: 23015" > This us the term I'd really appreciate clarification.

Exactly what is that number supposed to tell me?

Category: Firewall Management and Analytics

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    MichAdaMichAda Newbie ✭

    Ah, that is exactly what I was looking for...Thank you for the info!

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